Do not hinder any political party’s election preparations, says Kheng

The Ministry of Interior has briefed authorities nationwide to ensure that all registered political parties are not hampered in their activities leading up to the elections scheduled for this year and next.

“I would like to inform the relevant authorities that they should create a favorable atmosphere for the registered political parties to participate in the fifth term communal elections on June 5 and the national elections in 2023,” Interior Minister Sar Kheng said. . in a statement Monday.

He added that such an environment will allow the elections to take place in a free and fair atmosphere, in accordance with the principles of liberal democracy and pluralism, the law on political parties, the law on the election of the municipal council and other laws and regulations relating to the two elections.

Kheng said political parties can use a private house or building as long as they have written consent from the owner.

“Indeed, political parties do not need to ask the authorities concerned for authorization to publicly operate their headquarters. They just have to inform the relevant authorities about security issues,” he added.

Kheng said parties are also free to hang their party logos on these buildings. However, if they want to hang their party placards in a public place, they must write to the relevant authorities to request permission to do so three days in advance.

He added that relevant authorities should provide a response within a day or two after receiving a request from a political party.

Kheng also pointed out that political parties have the right to gather members for all kinds of meetings on their premises, except to protest or strike. However, they must inform the competent authorities to ensure safety.

However, he added that if a political party needs to gather its members in a public place, it must seek permission from the authorities three days before the date of the gathering. And the authorities must respond within a day or two of receiving the request.

Kheuy Sinoeurn, Vice President of the Cambodian Nation Love Party (CNLP), said yesterday that so far the enabling environment is reserved for the ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) and his party has encountered many challenges.

“I hope this announcement released by the Home Office will help address the issue facing political parties.

To date, the CPP can install its signs anywhere without any problem. But for our party, sometimes when we tried to put up our party placards, the local authorities came to stop us from doing so even though we asked for permission,” Sinoeurn said.

Regarding rallies, Sinoeurn said his party faced the same problem of being interrupted by local authorities despite asking permission.

“These interruptions intimidate party members who are afraid to broadcast our political manifesto in public places,” he added.

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