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AMAC Exclusive – By Tammy Bruce

Of all the nonsense of January 6e committee and their little TV mini-series that premiered this week, it was Rep. Zoe Lofgren who stumbled upon the truth and reminded us why these people can’t do anything right or accomplished.

On Tuesday, the committee announced that its Wednesday episode of the ‘Get Trump’ committee was ‘postponed’ which Ms Lofgren confessed was because everything was just too difficult, telling MSNBC: ‘It’s not no big deal, but I will tell you that putting together the video and exhibits is a grueling exercise for our tiny video staff. So we’re trying to, we were going to have 1-2-3 in a week, and it’s just too much to put it all together. So, we try to give them a bit of room to do their technical work, that’s mostly it…”

Either the Democrats have decided to lie (again) or they can’t organize out of a paper bag. Many would say both. The Democrats and their useful idiots had 17 months before what was to be their big midterm election gamble of trying to wipe out President Trump, the GOP and his supporters in one fell swoop.

Since the Democrat’s Russia dossier fraud coup didn’t work to wipe him out, they’re using our tax dollars, engaging in a blatantly partisan campaign scheme attempting to legitimize their envious rage . They hired a real television producer and had all the time and resources in the world to put together a few hours of television. Then reality threw water on the panel, and they all melted.

No one believes that within 24 hours of one of their cherished displays of justified fake anger, a team of congressmen suddenly realized they couldn’t come up with videos for the third show. It does not work like that. They’ve been planning this for months. They had everything they needed except the notes.

The second episode of “Liz Gets Stompy Foot” lost 50% of its ratings the day before. For people focused solely on winning the news cycle and being celebrities, this must have come as a shock. It has also become apparent that their bizarre plot against Trump only hurts Democrats.

Being lectured night after night isn’t going to force us to ignore what the Democrats have done to us, or make us hate the one man, in generations, who has made our lives better and this country safer and more prosperous.

For example, consider the startling results of a Quinnipiac poll last week. Joe Biden’s approval rating slipped to 33%. Additionally, the New York Post reports, “The survey, conducted June 3-6, found that 22% of Americans ages 18-34 approve of Biden’s performance — the lowest rating of any group. ‘age. Only 24% of Hispanic voters and 49% of black voters said they approved of Biden’s work…”

And news from Tuesday’s primaries may have cemented the reality that no one wants what Democrats are selling:

We knew since the beginning of January 6e Committee that it was a Star Chamber hybrid Frankenstein monster combined with a Kangaroo Court. Everyone on the committee already knew what the outcome would be because that was the goal. It was never a fact-finding mission; it was a box hunt.

It really doesn’t cross the minds of the swamp that the American people are more concerned that the same people who are pointing the finger at Donald Trump are the ones setting this country on fire. Americans don’t like abusive power, and we don’t like being lied to. We especially don’t like being lectured by the same people who have made our lives so difficult and often dangerous.

One can indeed have the impression that the Democrats are their own worst enemy. They seem completely indifferent to solving the problems that the American people face every day. They are oblivious to our concerns: inflation, crime, and the most basic things like finding formula for your baby and being able to leave your home without risking senseless, random violence.

The Democrats’ failures are hurting this country and costing people’s lives. And nothing, especially a vendetta disguised as a poorly produced, cheap miniseries, will succeed in convincing us otherwise. The Democrats and the establishment in general will discover in November that our lives and our future are not disposable, but their shameful and hypocritical political careers are.

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