David Jolly’s SAM political party registers in 3 states



The Serve America movement, which appealed to the former representative last year. David jolly to lead it, filed political party formation documents in Texas, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

Florida registration shouldn’t be far behind, as well as registrations in a few other states, Jolly said on Monday.

Jolly and the Interests Behind SAM, hosted in 2016 by Morgan Stanley Lawyer Eric Grossman and others, organize a party at all levels based on common principles of problem solving, electoral reform, transparency and accountability, not conservative or liberal political ideologies.

It’s consistent with Jolly’s record. The two-term Republican congressman from Indian Shores lost his 2016 re-election bid to the Democrat Charlie Crist. Jolly then found himself separating more and more the platform and policies of the Republican Party during the rise of the president Donald Trump, for whom Jolly was an outspoken critic. Jolly left the GOP in 2018 to become independent. He also teamed up with the former Democratic representative of the United States. Patrick murphy on a national tour of college campuses talk about traffic jams and dysfunctions in Washington.

In May 2020 Jolly became executive chairman of Serve America Movement.

SAM membership, he said, has grown by 40% this year, especially since the Jan.6 uprising, and the party now has registered members in all 50 states.

“We’re seriously adding states at about one per month. When I say adding states, I mean… the ability to organize and mobilize a coalition with state leadership that puts us on the path to party status in that state, that’s a serious endeavor ”, Jolly said.

SAM is strategically focusing on 16 states in its initial push, including Florida, he said.

“We could file a party tonight in Florida with three signatures and our bylaws. But that doesn’t really change our footprint. What we’re working on in Florida is a strategy to really get big from the start, and it’s still ongoing. I expect an announcement in Florida by the end of the year, ”Jolly said.

The Denver-based Serve America movement is a 527 nonprofit political organization whose stated goals are to promote greater competition and accountability in state and national politics, and to build a multi-party consensus around the issues.

The party fielded a ticket in the 2018 New York gubernatorial election and garnered enough votes to qualify as a political party for the next polls. However, New York changed its rules and decertified four of its eight parties, including SAM, in 2020. SAM has filed a lawsuit and this case is pending in federal court. Meanwhile, Jolly said SAM continues to organize in New York and expects to have candidates in the 2022 poll.

For the 2018 election, SAM raised $ 2.6 million and spent $ 2.4 million, according to the Center for Responsive Policy. Its major donors included Ferrari ($ 250,000), Morgan Stanley ($ 157,000) and B-Fore Capital ($ 140,000.)

SAM defines itself as a big tent party, and Jolly said this sets it apart from ‘minor’ alternative parties like the Libertarians and the Greens, which he says have adopted narrow political ideologies and therefore held back their development. beyond their limits. small bases.

“Our mission – we believe that a multiparty democracy is more sensitive to voters. And our commitment is to create a new party to create a multi-party democracy for the American people, ”Jolly said. “SAM is the only party under a big tent in the country where we welcome people from the left, the right and the middle. … There is no party, major or minor today, that can accommodate this kind of independent thought. SAM not only enables, but celebrates this independent thinking because, in the end, we believe it produces the greatest consensus for voters.

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