Croatian Umbrella Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina meets in Mostar

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ZAGREB, 19 February 2022 – The Croatian National Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina (HNS BiH) on Saturday launched an extraordinary convention in Mostar to draft a document calling for continued electoral reforms and warning that the conditions are not right for an election this fall.

In a statement to the media ahead of the convention, HNS BiH leader Dragan Čović said the goal for the Croatian parties to come together was “to ensure complete constitutional equality of the Croatian people with the other two constituent peoples of BiH”.

“We want to ensure that Croats can elect legitimate political representatives at all levels of government in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” Čović said.

When asked if HNS BiH would insist on the creation of a third entity if the electoral law was not changed, Čović said he did not wish to comment on the speculation.

“Our message will be a sign of unity from the representatives of the Croatian people in BiH,” he added.

HDZ 1990 leader Ilija Cvitanović, who is also a member of the HNS BiH leadership, said the conclusions of today’s convention would be in line with the country’s constitution.

“With this, we are giving BiH a chance and offering our hand in an effort to define our relations on the basis of equality,” Cvitanović stressed.

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