CPI State Executive Committee Meeting to Take Political Position on Controversial Issues | IPC meeting


Thiruvananthapuram: ICC to hold state executive committee meeting to discuss controversial issues including gold smuggling case, protest against KT Jaleel and LDF entry to Kerala Congress (M).

The executive committee meeting will start on Wednesday.

CPI leaders disagree with the positions of the government and the chief minister on various issues. The leaders also expressed their distaste for avoiding the CPI during the Sree Narayana Guru idol unveiling event in Thiruvananthapuram.

It is reported that many CPI leaders are disappointed with KT Jaleel’s ties to the UAE consulate. But as the elections approach, CPI will not disclose dissent with the government. But these areas of concern will be discussed at the executive meeting.

However, CPI did not take a position in favor of the entry of the Jose K Mani faction into LDF. CPI Secretary of State Kanam Rajendran called on his supporters to accept Jose K Mani. Therefore, the decision on this issue will be crucial at the meeting.

Kanam has already said there is no need to compromise with the protests against Jaleel. CPI will make a decision on this basis. However, CPI is unlikely to take a stand in favor of KT Jaleel.

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