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In what world does a president stand up and condemn those who love America – who fought and died for this nation, sincerely believe the Bill of Rights is real, who only want to work, raise their children, respect the police, end homicides, political violence, drug trafficking, inflation and illegal immigration? Only in a world savagely disconnected from America, Biden’s world. His Philadelphia speech was a disgrace.

In what world do those who defend honor, honestly, government accountability, lower taxes, freedom of speech, freedom to think, write, pray as they wish, defend their homes, their lives and their families, to be safe from unreasonable searches and seizures – to become a “threat to democracy? Only in a world where words have no meaning, Biden’s world.

In other words, how can a president – struggling to stay consistent, unable even to remember what he said – go before the Nation and demonize those who oppose his objectively anti-American ideas, such as rewriting and erase history, desecrate monuments, allow political violence, and tear down statues (which the Bolsheviks in Soviet Russia and the Fascists in 1930s Italy and Germany both did)?

How can he label as “extremists”, “semi-fascists” (whatever that means) and a “threat to democracy” those who peacefully resist the federal government’s takeover of local economies, property rights, school boards, their children’s education, culture, hard work, individual responsibility, safe streets, protected borders, symbols like our flag and anthem, and redefining words in biology, history and law ?

Who in his right mind – let alone a president – would deliver a speech that goes against more than half of the nation’s sincere beliefs, undisputed history, case law around freedom of expression, free exercise of religion, peaceful opposition to government, gun rights, civil rights and idealistic heights?

Who would condemn those who simply want federal laws to be applied fairly and consistently, laws that protect Supreme Court justices, protect citizenship and the border, protect against violent political riots, protect citizens from homicide, carjackings, drug trafficking, intimidation and public corruption?

The world couldn’t be more backward – another word twisted by Biden in incredibly hateful speech. “Backward” is when the leaders of a republic forget the founder’s views on freedom (and fears of government), views shared by Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Harry Truman, John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, and George HW Bush, most who ever ruled this nation.

“Backward” is where you slip — and quickly — when the rulers of a republic claim that individual liberties don’t matter, the will of the people doesn’t matter, the words don’t matter, the truth doesn’t matter, accountability in government and public corruption don’t matter – or when a former president of the opposing party is targeted while that crimes committed by former ruling party presidential candidates remain unaddressed, and the president’s family escapes fair justice, lining their pockets with money from China.

Doesn’t this sound more like Public Corruption 101, places like Marcos’ Philippines, Samper’s Colombia, Fujimori’s Peru, Castro’s Cuba, Maduro’s Venezuela, Putin’s Russia, Xi – that this “land of the free and home of the brave”, this precious, unique nation of mankind, America?

To be clear: Mr. Biden is as far away as you can go. “We the People” are not words, we are the Nation. To borrow from Jimmy Stewart, in the epic It’s a wonderful life Mr Biden must remember, like the oppressive Mr Potter, ‘this mob you speak of…they do most of the work, the payment, the life and death in this community’ – and in this gloriously free nation and proud.

They pay for your planes and your fancy homes, have paid your salary all your life, pay for your microphone and pay for your mistakes, Mr. President. They pay with their calloused hands, their weary minds, their troubled children, endless work, with their families and with their lives.

These people you condemn are the ones who are defending this nation with their hearts, their muscles, their minds and their lives, defending our borders and our streets. They are the ones whose money you spend, whose freedoms you offend, whose lives and rights you blithely underestimate.

It’s the ones you left behind in Afghanistan, abandoned and lied about, who have to pay for your follies, things like waiver of loans and other gifts, inflation, high interest rates, excesses unending. They pay at the pump, pay with incalculable stress.

Frankly, after working in the Reagan and Bush 41 White Houses, you dishonored the People’s House, puppeted US Marines, put on a fear show worthy of anyone. That Philadelphia speech was an absolute disaster, a presidential blunder, a full-throated condemnation — inspired by a twisted idea that attacking patriotic, freedom-loving Americans would help you.

Bad. Most Americans are more than disappointed. They are disgusted by the behavior of this White House, the Justice Department and the leadership of Congress – appalled, betrayed, upset and now find themselves condemned by a wavering demagogue. They want to “make America great again” – and they should. It was not the speech of a commander-in-chief, more of a condemner-in-chief. Historically, morally and politically, this speech was a disgrace.

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