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“Do not betray Macedonia”

A generalized and indefinite national expression was announced to Kresna by the IMRO (Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization). Reason is the subject of North Macedonia and its membership of the European Union. the expression is titled “Don’t betray Macedonia“.

Gathered protesters blocked traffic on the main road E-79 in the city district of Kresna. They announced that after that they will drive all day with cars at 20 km/h in the direction Kresna – Blagoevgrad and back.

The reason for the expressionaccording to them, is the hesitant position of the government and Prime Minister Kiril Petkov regarding North Macedonia and his EU membership. Yesterday the Prime Minister called on President Radev to convene the National Security Advisory Council on the matter. It is against this request that the IMRO Declares itself.

They will try to change their stance along the lines of “let them start trading, then if there is a problem we will stop them”. I’m sorry for the difficulties we’re going to encounter, but in the end, Macedonia is a national cause and we have to make some sacrifices for it, including inconveniences on the road.,” mentioned IMRO co-president and member of the European Parliament Angel Djambazki.

For the moment, no major expression is planned in Sofia, but the party said it plans to expression in the next few days on the main roads of the country and at the border crossings with North Macedonia.

The objective is that Bulgaria does not renounce its demands on controversial issues, due to which it vetoed the negotiations of our western neighbor for EU membership.

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