Browser extension shows people who political party companies donate to

Perhaps one of the biggest distinctions between Gen Z and other generations is their socially conscious mindset when approaching anything in life.

The latest thing to catch young people’s attention is a browser extension that breaks down a company’s political donations to determine whether it supports the candidates who helped overthrow Roe v. Wade.

TikToker AjaDang do one video encourage people to “vote with your money” and shop with companies that donate to politicians and organizations that are aligned with their values.

“Hit them where it hurts and if you can, stop spending your hard earned money on businesses that don’t align with your values,” AjaDang wrote in his caption.

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AjaDang recommended Progressive Shopper, which is activated when a person buys online.


Hit them where it hurts and if you can, stop spending your hard-earned money on businesses that don’t align with your values.

According to it is websiteProgressive Shopper uses data from the Federal Election Commission from 2018 to 2020 and tells shoppers if they’re more Democratic, Republican, or evenly split.

It also gives buyers a red, yellow, or green symbol to indicate how much they think the company uses data from Media Matters, Human Rights Campaign, Rainforest Action Network, Equity Forward, and more.

AjaDang’s video has attracted over a million views, with some commenters appreciating his advocacy of Progressive Shopper to facilitate their shopping experiences.

“I mean I’ll spend money regardless (sic) might as well not spend money on bodies donating to anti-abortion campaigns,” one commenter wrote.

“Agree 100%. We must do everything, protest, vote, boycott, etc. but above all, we cannot forget! we must continue to fight,” said another commenter.

Other organizations like Goods Unite Us, Accountable.US and OpenSecrets make it easier for people to track the funding that companies and politicians give or receive.

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