Behind the scenes of Ronaldo at Cruzeiro: excessive secrecy, association with Real Madrid and the “football revolution”

This Saturday, the phenomenon was announced as the biggest contributor to Sea trip SAF, which will play football for the club, was bought out with debts of around 1 billion Brazilian reals. In 2022, the Centennial team will compete in the Series B for the Brazilian Championship for the third consecutive year. Ronaldo will invest 400 million Brazilian reals in Raposa, in addition to dealing with global debt.

the To give Find the details of the negotiations between those who carried out the search for the investor in Sea trip, XP Investimentos and former striker. No one on the Cruzeiro board knew just over a week ago that whoever would contribute to Toca da Raposa’s millionaire number would be a former club player.

Raposa president Sergio Santos Rodriguez had been informed a few days earlier of negotiations to reach an agreement. Ronaldo decided to invest in Sea trip, but I needed to know who I was going to be dealing with from now on. The secrecy was so tight that the deal could not leak and could be disrupted.

Ronaldo still has to work out important details with Sea tripFor example, how to manage the institution’s total debt, in the order of 1 billion reais. The former player becomes a supporter of the amount due by signing the contract. He also has to overcome bureaucratic hurdles to effectively control the club.

The former player’s performance was one of three on the table given by Pedro Mesquita, director of XP Investimentos. But he was considered by far the best for Sea tripfor several aspects. Besides the financial aspect, Ronaldo’s story, his familiarity with the club and the long-term project also played an important role.

Ronaldo wants to change his face Sea trip With this example, she also influenced the change in Brazilian football. He intends to ensure the professional management of the Minas Gerais club, which has been experiencing serious administrative, financial and political problems for three years.

The former player’s idea is to bring in trusted people who can help improve Minas Gerais FC. The plan, of course, is to reach the Brazilian Serie A in 2022 and return to the Premier League the following year. In addition, there is a need to change the way football is managed and managed within Sea trip.

In Toca da Raposa, Ronaldo wants to find a smaller team, investing in athletes with high market potential. The goal is to provide future earnings for him and the organization. The basic categories will be noted in a particular way.

Al Dhahirah and the team working with the former player are already thinking of starting work next Monday. The idea is to define strategies and first steps for the new era Sea trip.

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