ANUG’s political position is realistic, unique and revolutionary


Mr. Editor,

A New and United Guyana (ANUG) thanks The Carter Center for its thoughtful assurances that the electoral process for the national and regional elections of March 2, 2020 appears to be on track. We also hope that the whole process will run smoothly and that its consequences will be peaceful and acceptable to all Guyanese. We also acknowledge the Centre’s decades-long association with Guyana and the resulting wise advice to a political elite who have been too short-sighted and selfish to understand selfless wisdom when delivered.

The Center’s strong encouragement to “Guyanese political leaders, parties and civil society to: debate issues relating to constitutional reform and more inclusive governance during the campaign; …. Commit to quickly address this crucial issue in the post-election period; complete the constitutional reform well in advance of the next general elections; … The reform of the “winner-take-all” electoral system currently in use ”is at the heart of ANUG’s vision, which is“ the existence of consensual and shared governance in a democratic political system in Guyana where all social groups are proportionately represented and political leaders are accountable to the electorate ”(ANUG Manifesto, 2020).

It was the frustration of a national leadership unable to recognize that Guyana needs immediate constitutional reform to establish a consensual regime that led to the formation of ANUG. As stated in our manifesto, we too recognize that “The winner-takes-all system is not effective: it never has been. The result is delayed economic and political development. In the interests of development, ANUG wants all political leaders to work together for the benefit of the electorate. ‘

The political position of ANUG is realistic, unique and revolutionary. Given our history of ethnic voting, ANUG does not expect to win the next election, but believes that there are enough right-thinking people in the electorate for the party to secure enough seats. to prevent a majority government and thus force a reform system. Uniquely, this reform is unlikely to result in the ascendancy of ANUG but in a fair system of government largely dominated by the current major parties, but in which women, youth and indigenous peoples will be assured of ” fair participation. In this way, the ANUG is revolutionary because it “will undertake to establish (to be completed within 18 months after the elections) the most consensual, participatory, inclusive and transparent democratic regime in the history of Guyana and even of the Caribbean ”.

We wish The Carter Center good luck and hope that its efforts will continue for the benefit of all Guyanese.

Yours faithfully,

Ralph ramkarran

Presidential candidate

A new and united Guyana

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