AI will dictate the policies of a new political party in Denmark | IceNews

A new political party in Denmark, the Synthetic Party, is to let AI dictate policy and will contest the country’s next general election in June 2023.

The Synthetic Party, launched in May by artist collective Computer Lars, aims to reach the 15% of Danes who did not vote in the 2019 general election. The Synthetic Party estimates that this 15% did not vote in because of the unattractiveness of the traditional party.

Asker Bryld Staunaes, one of the members of the collective, explained that the AI ​​has analyzed all the written publications of Denmark’s fringe parties since 1970, creating a program which it says represents “the political views of the ordinary person”. .

Staunaes notes that the party “departs from an analysis of optimizing the voting system in Denmark”. The party is also an ironic response to the large amount of small parties created over the years in Denmark.

“It’s a way of imitating and simulating the political process all the way through, but in a direct confrontation of the legislative apparatus and political enforcement and organizing rights,” Staunaes explained.

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