A new political party will be launched in Dominica in August

Another political party was formed in Dominica.

According to a press release, Team Unity Party (DTUP) was created and duly registered as a political party on the island of Dominica. The party will alternatively be called, Team Unity Party (TUD).

One of the founding members of this new party is Alex Bruno, former founding member of the Alternative People’s Party (APP) from which he separated shortly after the creation of the APP.

“The founders of TUD believe and agree that this party platform is the political and electoral arrangement required in direct response to the current state of Dominican politics, and this is particularly in line with the wishes of the overwhelming majority of the people. “, declares the TUD in its press release. “There is no ambiguity as to the wishes of the Dominican electorate. As the population continues to lose faith in the established way of doing things, this new, more inclusive approach should reinvigorate the political action of people in all spheres of Dominican society.

The TUD has identified as its primary mandate, the short to medium term reconstruction of Dominica’s electoral and political processes as its primary mandate, and pledges to remain in office for only two five-year terms to achieve this goal.

“It is clearly stated in the party constitution,” the TUD said in its statement. “The party’s slogan is ‘Faith, Love and Unity’ and its key words are ‘Together!’ or “United!”

The statement goes on to state that the party’s ideology is rooted in what the people of Dominica demand.

“The TUD is not an alternative, nor a left, right or centrist party; we are a party of URGENT need, built to meet a compelling interest in favor of all the people,” the party says.

The TUD’s election symbol is the fork and the TUD says it intends to contest Dominica’s general elections whenever they are called.

The TUD says party membership is open to all Dominicans, regardless of their political party affiliation.

“TUD envisions the creation of a Dominica that will be better recognized for its natural splendor and the identity of its people through the promotion of the Nature’s Echo – One Voice out of many campaign. This means that the party platform will be a rallying cry and a promotion of the Dominican agenda,” the TUD statement concludes.

The Foundation Board includes Alex Bruno – Corporate Secretary, Carlos Charles – Deputy Corporate Secretary, Kendra Stephen – Executive Chair, and Kenton St. Jean and Erwin Emmanuel.

The party says an official launch is scheduled for August 2022 in the village of Calibishie, after which it will share its plans and policies for the governance of Dominica.

In the meantime, the party will share its constitutional framework with the public, every Sunday from 3:00 p.m. on its Facebook https://www.facebook.com/tudominica and other social media pages of TUD and its affiliates.

TUD is currently meeting with the Dominican electorate as part of its mission to develop the manifesto.

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