A Kurdish political organization on the surrender of its members to Turkey: Treason of the Armenian government

The co-presidency of the Executive Council of the Union of Kurdistan Communities (KCK) issued a statement condemning the Armenian government for handing over two People’s Defense Forces (HPG) guerrillas to Turkey, ANF reported. The statement reads as follows:

“Our friends Leheng (Atilla Çiçek) and Alişer (Hüseyin Yıldırım), who were allegedly captured by the Turkish state during an operation, were recently handed over to Turkey by the Armenian state. It is not true that our friends were captured by the Turkish state in operation. In reality, our friends Leheng and Alişer, who had been held captive by the Armenian government since November 2021, were handed over to the Turkish state as a result of treason. this fake news, an attempt was to cover up the betrayal of the Armenian government.

It is very telling that the Armenian government handed over two Kurdish revolutionaries – who fought for the freedom of the Kurdish people and who went to Armenia on a revolutionary mission – to the Turkish state at a time when the Armenian territory is occupied due to provocations and support from the Turkish state. This clearly revealed that the Pashinyan government is cooperating with the genocidal colonialist Turkish state and the fascist AKP-MHP government. As the Kurdish Freedom Movement, we strongly condemn the Pashinyan government, which delivered our two friends to the Turkish state, for its attitude of collaboration.

This attitude of the Pashinyan government also confirmed the criticisms and accusations made against it regarding the occupation of Armenian lands. This is evident in the fact that at a time when Armenian land is occupied, instead of supporting those who fought against the genocidal Turkish colonialist state, they were handed over to this state. This situation also constitutes a betrayal of the struggle of the Armenian people against the genocide. The handing over of these two friends to the Turkish state revealed the collaboration and betrayal position of the Pashinyan government, which had remained secret until today.

We make this statement mainly so that the people of Armenia will better understand the truth about the Pashinyan government and so that the democratic public of our people will receive accurate information on the issue in question. The handing over of these two friends to the Turkish state reveals that the Pashinyan government is betraying the cause of the peoples, especially the cause of the Armenian people. It also shows that he is collaborating with the genocidal colonialist Turkish state, which committed genocide against the Armenian people in the past and now has others occupy the remaining Armenian lands, and that this government therefore supports the policy occupation and genocide. We call on all peoples and friends, especially the Armenian people, to take a stand against this government of collaborators. We believe that the Armenian people will take the necessary attitude towards this government and hold it accountable for its collaboration and betrayal.

The struggle for Kurdistan freedom is not only fighting for the freedom of the Kurdish people, but also for the freedom and liberation of all the peoples of the region, especially the Armenian people. The Kurdish people consider the Armenian people as their neighbor and the country in which they live as a common homeland. They approach the Armenian people on the basis of these feelings and support their cause. The Armenian people and the Kurdish people know this very well. As a result, the two peoples have positive feelings towards each other. The actions of collaborators will not undermine the brotherhood of the Kurdish and Armenian peoples and their partnership in the struggle. On the contrary, these approaches will allow the Kurdish and Armenian peoples to engage in an even stronger common struggle. The attitude of the Pashinyan government does great harm to the cause of the Armenian people and their struggle for existence. One can only be honorable and live the right way by resisting and fighting, not by collaborating. As the Kurdish Freedom Movement, we call on the Pashinyan government to immediately renounce its collaborative relationship with the genocidal colonialist Turkish state and apologize to the Armenian and Kurdish people for this incident. »

According to information published in Armenia’s “DataLex” judicial information system, Atilla Cicek and Huseyin Yildirim were charged with illegally crossing the Armenian border through the Araks River on August 16, 2021 and smuggling weapons and ammunition. In January 2022, the trial court of the Armenian province of Syunik sentenced Yildirim and Cicek to 7 years in prison; there was also a decision to confiscate funds. But later, the Court of Appeal of Armenia reduced the prison terms of these two KCK members to a suspended prison sentence with 3 years of probation.

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