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This article was written by one of our avid readers, Mr. Tomasso Merlo. The opinions expressed only reflect the views of the author and not the position of The European Sting on the matter.

A continental political party is needed for European political unification to continue. A party that represents all pro-European citizens spread across the continent. A new party which does not refer to any political culture of the past and whose main objective is the founding of a unified European democracy and the historic overtaking of national democracies. European political unification has stalled for decades.

This is because the traditional national parties are not culturally ready to make the epoch transition from the era of nations to the continental era. But there is more. For the traditional parties and their national ruling classes, European political unification is not suitable because they would lose their power. Europe is for them only a vague objective to be mentioned in their official speeches, but in reality they are against it.

They are not ready to reduce their nation states to European “regions” or “provinces” and unite with the other ruling classes of the continent. In recent decades, an anti-European wind has even risen, in particular because of the fears generated by terrorism, mass immigration and the great social changes underway. Fears that fueled a “nationalist” wind and the illusion of being able to stop global changes with national borders; the illusion of being able to tackle global problems with obsolete and outdated nations. T

This has led to the paradox of many politicians who enter the European Parliament not only culturally not ready for a continental democracy, but who are even opposed to it and sabotage the project from within the European institutions. A situation made worse by hypocrisy. The traditional national parties prevent the continental project from moving forward and when Europe proves insufficient, instead of taking responsibility for it, they blame Europe.

If Europe is just a cold bureaucracy infested with lobbies as anti-European propaganda claims, the real culprits are in Rome, Paris and Berlin, not Brussels. With the pandemic, we have seen a timid reaction from Europe, but only out of self-interest. The timid advances of Europe are only made if it suits the member states and never from a real ideal momentum.

National politics have national blinders, pursue national interests, and overlap with national selfishness and fears. Only a continental political party can generate this popular push sufficient to overcome the stalemate we find ourselves in. A party that represents the new European culture that is emerging in particular among the new generations who, in this new increasingly interconnected paradigm, overcome cultural and linguistic as well as geographical barriers.

A nascent European people who look forward and not back, who choose mutual trust and not fear, who choose evolution and not conservation, who choose cooperation and not selfishness. A European people who see Europe not as a rhetorical word, but as a concrete and increasingly indispensable political objective.

The international scenario and its problems are already all “continental” and nations alone are powerless and useless. If Europeans remain divided, they are doomed to endure global problems instead of solving them. If they remain divided, the Europeans will continue to submit to the will of the other Superpowers without being able to really affect their common destiny.

The founding of a united European democracy is a historic step which is increasingly urgent and crucial, and in order to be able to achieve this, a continental political party is increasingly necessary.

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